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Residential & Commercial Construction

At Redbud we are committed to producing the highest quality of construction that we may provide from our in-house employees or executive building contractors in a timely and budget friendly manner . Our teams specialize in what we do best, construct with integrity. Whether you are in need of a ground-up residential home or commercial building, Redbud is here to help.
Our team is made up with realtors in Oklahoma to help find you a piece of land, professional architects to make your visions become visual, and then, our construction team of experts to build your investment to perfection.

Property Maintenance

For over 10 years Redbud has maintained residential and commercial contracts to keep properties looking in pristine condition all over NE Oklahoma. From our knowledge in native trees, plants, and grasses that will thrive in Oklahoma conditions to helping you maintain your landscaping and turf areas , we can help you achieve the results you have been searching for!

Holiday Lighting

Even during the holiday seasons Redbud is here to help light up your home and create the wonderland of your dreams! We can service single family homes with decorative traditional style C9 lights to broadcasted music synced lights for all of the neighbors to come and enjoy with you. We have professionally designed and worked with cities to implement Christmas lights for the public, all the way to city parks to have beautiful walking trails to enjoy for the holidays. If you can imagine it, we can light it!

Hardscape & Outdoor Living

Redbud Construction and Property Maintenance specializes in completing hardscape and outdoor living design and construction to help the functionality and use of your property. We have built retaining walls that can stand the test of time to backyard porches, patios, and fire features to turn your backyard into an oasis. Retaining walls needed for pools, or a complete porch add on to sit under on a hot summer day, we have the equipment and manpower to complete your project in a timely, budgeting manner. We are licensed and insured to put your mind at ease.

Building Additions

Do you already have the perfect house or business that seems like the walls may be closing in from lack of space? Sometimes, you outgrow the space your in and now is the time for an upgrade. At Redbud, we understand the value in your current assets and we want to make them worth more. Our team will be able to help design your next add-on to ensure it meets your needs. For home owners, this may mean an additional bedroom or an in-law suite. For businesses, this may mean an additional office space or an additional floor in your warehouse.


Since Redbud believes in building longterm relationships, we strive to earn your business even for the smaller projects that come after the big projects. If you are in need of services such as a new driveway, parking lot, resurfacing, striping, fencing, or a renovations, remember Redbud.

Remodel & Renovation Projects

Does your home or business need some TLC? Is it time to get rid of the old color tile, knock a wall out to open up a room, or re-do the bathroom/kitchen? What about remodeling your investment property for a short-term rental, or turning a house into an office space? Look no further, we have decades of expert knowledge to help assist in designing and constructing your next project in a timely manner while providing numbers to stay on budget.

Construction • Maintenance • Renovations

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