Septic Services


An inspection is usually requested for the closing on a house sale, a refinancing, an appraisal, or sometimes people just want one done. First the tank must be located and the one or more lids uncovered. Next the baffles and water levels in the tank must be inspected as well as the inlet and outlet pipe to insure proper operation and condition of the drain field. The Solids level is then checked to determine if it needs service.



If the homeowner does not know the location of the tank, it must be located. This is done by running a tiling probe into the ground until you hit the tank. The size and shape of the tank lid lets us know the location of the corners and edges of the tank. Then a shovel or micro excavator is used to expose the lid. The lid is lifted off and a hose is dropped in. The hose is connected to a vacuum truck and the valve is opened. If the material in the tank is too solid water must be added. When the waste has been thinned out enough it will vacuum up quickly. The idea is to get all the solids out of the tank. The tank is always full of water up to the bottom of the outlet pipe during normal operation. Once emptied we make sure the toilet will flush if the customer is home, then replace the lid. If it is deeper than 12″ the health department requires a riser be installed to allow ease of access for cleaning. Then it is covered up.



Depending on the design some aerations have lids at or above the ground level. Some have a collection\holding tank with multiple chambers and others have one chamber. The multiple compartment design must have the first chamber uncovered and cleaned then proceed cleaning the rest of the compartments. The single compartment has one lid above ground and can be opened and cleaned. They all contain some type of filter that must be cleaned, an air pump, and a holding tank. Since it is an air-ration it means air is being forced into the waste/water mixture to feed bacteria and break down the solids faster and resulting in cleaner effluent being discharged.