Hydro Excavating

Hydro Excavation equals Safe Excavation. Water is powerful enough to carve the Grand Canyon, yet it is gentle enough to wash a new-born baby. Hydro Excavation is the process of utilizing pressurized water to break up the ground into small pieces. Then the ground is removed via air conveyance into a debris tank. The technology provides a non-destructive means to safely locate utilities and precisely excavate an area. Our goal is to promote Safety, Productivity, and Utilization while educating the industries to the benefits of Hydro Excavation.

The Benefits of Non-Destructive Excavation include reduced liability and lower insurance costs. But most importantly, safe excavation dramatically reduces accidents that could result in finacial damages, injuries, and even death.

Hydro Excavation allows a Repair Crew to access an underground location without damaging sensitive utilities, such as water, sewer, gas, pipelines, and fiber-optic cables.

Hydro Excavation prevents costly and hazardous pipeline breaches by excavating with surgical precision.