Drain Cleaning


When a drain is not draining properly, (slowly or not at all), there is a clog or plug (an obstruction) and it needs to be removed manually or hydraulically.


We use a machine with a rotating, extending, and retractable cable that has a cutting head attached to the end. It is pushed through the pipe or cleanout (a cleanout is a specially designed inline plug that can be remove as a point of access for the drain line). The spinning cable is held and fed down the drain to cut out the obstruction (hair, tree roots, food, toys, toiletries or solid waste or some other foreign object) that was washed or flushed. Once the obstruction is clear the line is tested with water to make sure it drains.


A machine pressurizes water and has a self propelling head on the end of a high pressure hose on a reel. The water pressure cuts or pushes the obstruction through to a holding tank or larger area where it will absorb into the ground or where it can be removed and disposed of properly. This is the ideal method of drain cleaning.


Is used for pipe/drain inspections. The sewer camera is a camera/light on the end of a cable. The cable is on a reel and manually operated. The signal is transferred from the reel to a TV screen and the tip of the cable is a transmitter. When you push the end of the cable down the pipe you can inspect the inside of the drain line. Wherever you can see the pipe is damaged you stop the cable and use the receiver (a hand held wand that locates the head of the camera) to locate the head then pressing it against the ground and pushing a depth button tells you how deep the pipe is also. This makes it much easier to give the customer an estimate or bid on the work to be done for repairs.